wireless excellence

We build strong and reliable indoor and outdoor wireless networks across the U.S. From planning, design, and surveying to procurement, logistics, project management and implementation, we have helped enterprise organizations and medium to small businesses strengthen their wireless networks. 


The world’s largest IT Value Added Resellers rely on Ampli-Fi’s skills and expertise to deliver wireless networks to their customers. Customers trust us and partners rely on us. 

Vendor Agnostic

We design and engineer solutions to fit our customers needs. Advancements in technology change rapidly, we partner with over 50 technology manufacturers to create solutions specific to your challenge and your budget. 

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Do the Right Thing

Enhance the industries we service with our knowledge and experience so that we are the partner customers turn to for guidance in data, video and voice technology solutions. Establish and maintain a reputation of high standards, credibility and quality performance.

Be Memorable

Build value for our customers through creativity and ingenuity, providing leading edge and cost effective solutions. Always be forward-thinking in exploring new products and process to drive the customer advantage.

Work as a Team

Conduct professional, honest and ethical work, and remain committed to our customers. Treat colleagues with respect, and act on principle.


Take ownership and responsibility from start to finish regardless of unexpected challenges. Always do the right thing and be continuously improving.

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