Fiber Internet Locator

Ampli-Fi is an ISP broker who can provide On Net or Near Net fiber options for any carriers in the U.S. If you need an internet circuit installed contact Ampli-Fi for for our free fiber lookup service. We can provide a quote from any ISP and you don’t pay us a dime. Your bill will come from your ISP selected as normal.

fiber delivered

We coordinate with any ISP or multiple ISP’s to deliver coax and/or fiber to any demarcation point in the U.S. Contact Ampli-Fi to help you find out which ISP’s service your area at no cost to you.

Business internet

Ampli-Fi can locate and coordinate internet service for customers in any state. Whether you are building a new location, have an existing location with non-fiber, or simply want to check competitive pricing with your current provider, complete the form below and we can identify which providers are able to deliver fiber internet to your building. 


This service is completely FREE to you, no matter which Internet Service Provider (ISP) you choose, we get paid by them and not you. 


The ISP bills you directly as normal. As a broker, we help you find the best price and/or fastest delivery timeline to meet your needs. The prices the ISP you select are the same or lower cost than if you would contact them yourself. Partner with Ampli-Fi to help you get the best price and fastest delivery timeline for fiber in your area. 


A recent customer contacted us because they could only get Spectrum coaxial service with max speeds of 100 mbps x 20 mbps. After providing their address and desired internet speed to Ampli-Fi we used our resources to contact 4 different ISP’s in the area. AT&T was the most competitive and provided a 90 day timeline for aerial fiber to be delivered to the customer’s demarcation point on their building. The customer now has 1 Gbps x 1 Gbps speeds compared to their only previous option. 


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