Cellular Routers

Cellular routers are a great option for network redundancy. They also have the ability to support 5G and LTE speeds, enabling a stable connection for your backup or even main circuit in some cases.

Wireless Routers

Ampli-Fi has seen the enterprise market adopt wireless routers into their network with great success. Speed, reliability and stable connectivity using carrier operated frequencies create the a great network experience.  Wireless routers can be installed in many applications including data closets, vehicles, indoor and outdoor applications and more. Contact Ampli-Fi to learn more.


Routers now have the ability to add in cellular technology including 4G LTE and 5G SIM cards which create endless possibilities for indoor and outdoor applications. Cellular routers can be a source of main connectivity or network redundancy for your hard wired internet circuit. They are low cost and effective solutions for any business. One of the challenges with cellular routers being installed indoors is the stable coverage required for the solution to optimally perform. Ampli-Fi specializes in assisting customers with providing cellular site surveys that provide the data necessary to determine which cellular carrier(s) to use for their deployment.

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