Wireless Backhaul

Trenching fiber is time consuming and expensive. Today, you can install a wireless point to point solution with gigabit throughput for a fiber-like experience. Save cost and time by contacting Ampli-Fi  for your backhaul needs.

Wireless Delivered

If you are considering a point to point solution, contact Ampli-Fi to run path calculations and ensure your connection will have Line of Site or Near Line of Site connectivity for optimal throughput.

microwave radio

Wireless backhaul or Microwave radio, also known as Point to Point and Point to Multipoint, wireless solutions come in a variety of options to fit any connectivity need. These systems can be deployed with licensed or unlicensed frequencies and allow connectivity between two points or from one point to a multitude of end points.

point to point

Wireless backhaul can be installed and provide connectivity over miles long distances or short distances down to a football field or across the street from one building to another. Radio and antennas can be mounted on rooftop, towers, monopoles or sidewall penetrations.

Backhaul solutions are extremely versatile and have many use cases including but not limited to:

Wireless bridges between two buildings

Outdoor Wi-Fi access point backhaul

Outdoor wireless camera backhaul

These systems can be deployed with low or high SLA’s and even gigabit throughput. 

Contact Ampli-Fi to discuss the right solution for your next wireless deployment.

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